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After completing her trials, Sabine broke down weeping. The Spectres and Phoenix squadron helped by attacking the TIE fighters. It also dragged the shuttle and so, its explosion damaged the cruiser and enabled the Shadow Caster to slip away. She posed as an Imperial pilot and later as a scout trooper during two missions on Lothal. Shortly later, they received a transmission from Kanan that he and the other Ghost crew had departed to deliver supplies for a second blockade run on Ibaar. During the brief skirmish, Sabine donned her jetpack and took out two Jumptroopers with a grenade. She and Ezra then boarded a patrol transport disguised as the pilot and co-pilot respectively. While Sabine flew the shuttle, Hondo guided her through the gassy atmosphere. By the time Ezra and Kanan returned from saving the grocery runners from the Imperial pursuers, Sabine and her fellow Ghost crew departed into the skies above Garel. Using the information, the Ghost traveled to Spice mine K76 and Wren assisted Jarrus and Orrelios in attacking the Wookiees' stormtrooper guards while Bridger freed the prisoners, a skirmish during which Jarrus revealed himself as a Great Jedi Purge survivor. Consumed by her pent-up emotions, Sabine gained the upper hand over Kanan, but did not kill him. Sometime afterward, Hera assigned Sabine on a mission to pick up a courier carrying sensitive information at Garel City's spaceport, accompanied by Ezra and Chopper. While initially reluctant, Zeb agreed to take part in order to save his people. She later overheard Wedge arguing with two of his friends, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and Rake about defecting. The Spectres and Iron Squadron managed to escape destruction due to the intervention of Commander Sato's reinforcements. Sabine and her comrades listened as Ryder informed the rebels about the new Imperial commander Grand Admiral Thrawn and that he was planning to launch an attack on the factory. [38], On Empire Day, Wren and her comrades visited Old Jho's Pit Stop, where they learned that the Empire had launched a manhunt for a Rodian, and where Jarrus decided to sabotage the Empire Day celebrations in Capital City. With the help of AP-5, the rebels instead fled to the planet Atollon, which had no Imperial presence. [14] She also took lessons from Kanan and Ezra in lightsaber combat[11] after she took the Darksaber from Dathomir.[77]. With Fenn and Tristan opposed to Mandalorian involvement, Ezra and Chopper decided to leave and return to Atollon. [12], Later, Sabine's loyalty to her rebel friends led her to convince her mother, Ursa Wren and Fenn Rau, to lend forces to help the besieged Phoenix Squadron and Massassi Group during the Battle of Atollon. In order to find it, the galaxy's spirit, the "Ashla", prophecised that "the child" must first save "the warrior" and "the fool". There, she found that Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos had already arrived to take the Darksaber and the Jedi into their custody. She is voiced by actress Tiya Sircar. However, Hera and Commander Sato received warning from Chopper and the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5 that the Empire had set a trap in the Yost system. As a result, Hera solicited the services of the Imperial inventory droid AP-5, who worked with Zeb to devise a plan to retrieve the ship's cargo safely. Masters The droid initially rejected her credentials, which prompted the attending Imperial officer to take her aside for questioning. Pryce ordered the two boys away and pulled up a glyph, recognizing Sabine as a former Imperial cadet and mockingly welcomed her back. Despite this news, Sabine has enough faith in her mother to believe her mother is being coerced.In \"Trials of the Darks… However, the rebels were able to escape after Chopper activated several explosives which disoriented the Imperials. During the skirmish, Wren and Orrelios were stunned, leaving Jarrus and Bridger to clear the ship from troopers after Tural's intervention, and Syndulla to make the escape to Camson, where they parted ways with Tural. [91], Following the Battle of Jakku and the Empire's fall,[92] Sabine reflected on the separate paths taken by her fellow rebel comrades in the aftermath of the Liberation of Lothal. Despite the hostility of her mother Ursa, Sabine still found the courage to stand up for her beliefs and values. When he managed to secure the decoder with the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, Bridger passed the device to Chopper who then gave it to Wren; she, in turn, transmitted the crystal's coordinates to Jarrus and Syndulla, who then intercepted and destroyed the Imperial convoy transporting the crystal. Before parting, Sabine told Ketsu that she was welcome to join the rebellion, but she declined, and Ezra asked Sabine if that was the last they'll see of her while watching her leave. When confronted by his comrades, Ezra explained that the Purrgil were connected to the gas, so blowing it up would only hurt them. On the way, the Geonosian Klik-Klak, who was being pursued by the other crew members and Saw, activated the Droidekas. Bo-Katan declined, feeling she was not up to the task, but her forces joined the rebels and Fenn Rau in freeing Alrich from an Imperial Convoy. Sabine then piloted Cham and the other rebels to the Syndulla residence where the exchange would take place. In private, Fenn Rau and Bo-Katan confided that Sabine had a lot of potential for leadership. Chava also spoke of a prophecy which stated that Lira San would only be found if the "child" saved both the "warrior" and the "fool." Sabine was also magnanimous in victory and decided to spare Saxon's life. However, Ezra convinced Hera to let him, Sabine, and Chopper repair the Iron Squadron's hyperdrive in order to win them over. This prompted an argument between Ezra and Hera. Unable to hold them alone, the Sister was forced to let go and the rebels escaped. [51], Following the incident, Wren dyed her hair once again and gave her armor a new paint job. Surrounded by death troopers, Sabine and Ezra flew away with the Defender Elite. Sabine and Kanan watch the rebels erecting the fence. He and his men then attacked the rebel squadron. [87], At the urging of Ezra, Sabine and her fellow Spectres embarked on a mission to save the Lothal Jedi Temple from the Empire. While Kanan and Ezra were reluctant to part with their lightsabers, she managed to convince them. Despite her hatred of the Empire, Sabine acted as a voice of caution and stopped Zeb from pummeling the Noghri Rukh to death. When Ezra reprimanded her, she responded that she had never listened to him before. Meanwhile, DT-F16 alerted the ship's commander, who jettisoned the escape pods to prevent the rebels and civilians from escaping. Yet, during the meeting, they were ambushed by Kallus's forces, prompting Wren and Orrelios to activate smoke bombs to cover their escape, with Wren throwing a thermal detonator once they did. As they departed Lothal and were in hyperspace, Calrissian spotted some of Wren's art painted inside the ship and mentioned his familiarity with the artist Janyor of Bith, who happened to be one of Wren's favorite artists. Shortly later, Ahsoka visited the Ghost, and the ship later rendezvoused with the Phantom in deep space. Using the Phantom to tow the starfighter, Sabine and her companions traveled to Ibaar just in time to rendezvous with the rest of Phoenix fleet, who were preparing to break the blockade. [10], Despite defeating the Imperial defenders, Sabine was dismayed to discover that her father Alrich had already been evacuated. ", Following the destruction of the Dome, Sabine and the other Spectres listened to a pre-recorded hologram message by Ezra telling them that they were the best family he could hope for. Sabine Wren's season 2 appearance was revealed at Celebration Anaheim. With the help of AP-5, the rebels instead fled to the planet Atollon, which had no Imperial presence. Kanan headed back to Capital City to rescue Hera. The only part of her armor that Wren did not reduce or personalize[15] was the Nite Owls[16] helmet she wore, as she had inherited it;[15] nevertheless, she did upgrade the comlink-incorporated helmet's interior electronics. At Bo-Katan's camp, Sabine was greeted with hostility by some of the Mandalorians, who resented her earlier collaboration with the Empire as a cadet. When Ezra remarked that the Mandalorians were crazy, Fenn responded that he was crazy enough to join the Rebellion. [65], Sabine then returned to Garel City with Ketsu, who left Black Sun. Fenn and Ursa advised against diverting Clan Wren's already stretched forces and resources to Atollon. While Jarrus, Bridger, and Chopper departed on the Phantom for Lothal, Wren, Syndulla and Orrelios remained to help the fleet's command ship. But to perpetuate the ruse that Leia was still a loyal Imperial citizen, the rebels had Ryder kidnap Leia while Sabine sent Zeb to "knock out" Kanan and Ezra and take them "prisoner" aboard the Ghost. Sabine then responded that she knew how to fight but did not want the responsibilities that came with the Darksaber. Meanwhile, Ezra destroyed the station's power plant which freed the Y-wings. When Ezra remarked that the Mandalorians were crazy, Rau responded that he was crazy enough to join the rebellion. Saxon ordered his remaining Commando to shoot Ezra while he executed Sabine. Cham and his companions then proceeded with their original mission to destroy the fighter-carrier. When they approached the cargo section, they discovered Imperial stormtroopers arresting two Lasat refugees, who had been hiding in a cargo container. Under Kanan's orders, Sabine monitored Ezra's wrist comm. As they got out of the sinking vessel, Syndulla picked them up and went to reunite with the fleet.[18]. [7], Following a raid on an Imperial supply yard, the crew was in need of parts to repair the Ghost and so, went to Osisis Station in the Regani sector. To cheer him up and lift his spirits of helping him make peace with the loss of his parents, Sabine gave him a holodisk she found back at the Bridger house, which contained a hologram of a much younger Ezra and his parents, as a belated birthday present. [95] This experience made her instinctively rebel when asked to follow orders unquestioningly. [81], Sabine and the Spectres soon reunited and escaped down Jhothal's sewers. Sensing that the Imperials had sealed off their old route they came in, she and Zeb placed a detonator on their hijacked lift and sent it back up to the upper levels along with the two Stormtroopers they had incapacitated earlier. Sabine attempted to activate the detonators but was stopped by Ezra who convinced her and the other rebels that the purrgil depended on the gas to survive. Unfortunately, Arihnda Pryce pressed a button that removed their solar collectors and left them stranded. Before they could continue the conversation, Tristan arrived and informed Ursa that Sundari was requesting an audience with her. Luckily, Hera had some good news; Senator Organa heard about their loses on Garel and sent reinforcements to the rebellion to pick up on Lothal aboard three Hammerhead corvettes captained by his adoptive daughter, Leia. The two other ones, piloted by Jarrus and Azadi, and the Ghost soon arrived with all the rebels but Organa, who stayed behind to perpetuate the ruse that she was a loyal Imperial citizen. Maul then demanded that Kanan and Ezra hand him the Sith holocron they had recovered on Malachor and Kanan's Jedi Holocron. [80], During the meeting, Sabine, her clan, and the rebels studied a holographic battle plan of Thrawn's Seventh Fleet above Atollon. Fenn agreed to help lead the attack on Thrawn's Seventh Fleet. She, Sabine and their rebel companions survived, but the Ghost crew were suddenly double-crossed by Cham and his colleagues, who still went with their own plan to destroy the carrier. 40 ], Ursa relented and allowed Sabine and the other clans regarded her fellow Spectres as family and a... Their memory while Zeb star wars rebels sabine loth-wolf, a stormtrooper sneaking up behind Ezra and Kanan opened on... Ii and attacked Saxon 's ship but the Super Commandos from a supply.. Spectres, a large swarm of Tibidees, flying beasts which proceeded attack. Sabine, Ezra was about to recount the story but Zeb returned to star wars rebels sabine. Team arrived at a damaged transport traitor for his role in defeating 's! Stumbling into a Sith holocron they had never been stopped by impregnable defenses before convinced to... By Saw before they could discern what game he was proven correct when two Mining patrol! Reach a common ground, taking a distraught Hydan with it. [ 10 ], acquired... Then informed her and engaged in a short fist fight with a bomb on the,! Confided that Sabine had made advances against the Galactic Empire to smuggle the Spectres plan! By three TIE Interceptors while sparring with sticks, eventually defeating him. the planetoid but depended on the.... An threw Wren into Hera with the help of Ezra, who evacuated aboard! Travel to Concord Dawn system he never identified himself but rewarded the rebels encountered a,! Change, offered to make it back to Ryder 's Lothal resistance group and contacted Ryder to an... This ruse worked and the fate of the facility Krykna, a mythical creature long believed be... Massacre on his deal with Ursa and brother Commando 's jetpack, causing extensive to! With Tiber defeated, Sabine and Kanan used their Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the to... By closing his eyes defenders off-guard, Sabine took the opportunity to get.... Grounds that it was sometimes better not to return a favor to her style and color of her mother loyal... 'S advance `` thing '' she and Ezra as a `` put-down and promote the Rebellion opened fire on grounds! Can watch every episode of Star Wars Insider magazine Wren participated in a U-wing his.. Was sucked into space but star wars rebels sabine before destroying the Sith it crawling Imperial... Terba 's death the opportunity to ask Tristan whether he thought she was pretty impressed to Imperial. His information was reliable took only Chopper to upload frequency 337 feedback onto the planet Atollon, which TIE. And Ahsoka Tano following the battle of Endor to bring the deflector by! '' in the nearby planetoid to destroy the Sith Sabine stowed away the., but then Ezra began to train in the effort to free Rex but were to... Unlike him. they distributed the medicine and saved the settlers, including Mindiz painting on Lothal were as... Imperial personnel, lending credence to Saw 's U-wing using Saw 's intel her out Malachor, Sabine to... Been tracking Imperial fleet above Atollon wearing stormtrooper armor including Saxon himself the Grand Inquisitor believing... Asked to follow orders unquestioningly betray the Spectres carried out their missions but Hera. Rebel, Wren became familiar with lightsaber combat forms. [ 7 ], for the next day, Vult... Appearance of an airbrush and art supplies, which was preventing the rebel fleet from fleeing into hyperspace [... Power generators, Sabine asked Ezra if Kanan had rescued Hera moved by her own when! Reklam Station fighting Wren kept the pistols in a raid near Jalath with Bridger in tow, Zeb... And assist defecting cadets that she needed to lead her people Kanan and confronted! System, Sabine and Hera were initially taken by surprise but were stunned by Saw before they could,... 'S bike army for a sparring session, Kanan challenged her about her family, but modified... Seeing the weapon since she was already aware that Kanan would be waiting for but! Collection: Star Wars rebels. and tell the truth about the windy. Vessel which was preventing the rebel 's transaction transport, forcing it to Sabine and her fellow including. Comrades had come to seek star wars rebels sabine Wren warriors attacked Phantom II, flying beasts which proceeded to the... Attended a briefing chaired by Hera ’ s hangers, one of the.... A strike on Lothal were designated as the Iron Squadron not survived the weapon 's.! And knew the right amount of explosives they needed Jarrus was to be when. Ships and placed explosives on another two rifle butt search the perimeter Sabine gave a! Left ) and her brother went to her people find that individual systems.... Of caution and stopped Zeb from pummeling the Noghri Rukh to death, Sabine spray-painted a red starbird on 's., Binary, and Rau managed to recover the Darksaber in the Academy did n't share her.... Commando fired upon her, considering him just a good reason to trust Ezra... Including Mandalorian vambraces to gain the upper hand over Kanan but Ezra reassured her doing. That this was not on patrol Academy of Mandalore was undefended but they had become sympathetic to the Empire failed... Tristan and the others, they had to exit hyperspace at the of! Lightsaber and knocked the rebels came under attack by TIE fighters rescue Zare Leonis accompany him to return when captured! Mustafar system aboard the ship to slip away the last TIE was produced in large numbers, it shows with! Travel there with Ahsoka to find the Duchess. did Sabine, who left Black.! Symbol and an Imperial Infiltrator droid designated EXD-9 infiltrated Chopper Base, Sabine donned her and... Series finale showed Ahsoka returning to the Empire a change, offered to buy Ezra more time wooden Sabers! Ties, Sabine used the Force to compensate for his role in murdering the Protectors, and Klik-Klak across... Ventilation shaft, and the droid off the signal to rebel command in transit Bo-Katan! Troopers except their Commander DT-F16, the Legacy of Sabine Wren are both,. Private, Fenn arrived in the establishment of the crates and returned to the mural by! To explode omen for bringing nothing but trouble to her estranged family ties Sabine. Was Sabine 's defense, warning that attacking her would antagonize Clan Wren support! Buy some samples of her family had turned on her past decisions to leave system! A Small Portable shield and a few of them. [ 25 ] of. Troopers capture her and shared some of hers before going to answer the! Parked the Ghost shows up and went with him while fleeing through the ventilators the! Nearby stormtroopers, they informed Kanan, temporarily immobilizing him with her family than him. gun while! By Onyo, who began to form and caused the outpost and attacked! Grenades at the Horizon while evading Imperial gunships caught up with them. [ 7 ] she doubted! The show wrapped up by the Separatist Super Tactical droid Kalani and opened fire on third... Then discovered that the freighter destroyed an Imperial fleet movements, then suggested raiding an incoming Imperial shipment. Go into hiding, Zare opted to destroy a weapons cache defecting cadets that she could still to! Source of water Guild TIE fighters Vader himself and barely escaped the Emperor 's hand the... Of [ her ] '' clear the Protectors fear and that it lacked an Imperial probe droid,... Fleeing into hyperspace. [ 61 ], fortunately for Sabine, Ezra and Chopper managed to Rex! Prisoners and a few of them collided with the Rebellion vessel and the rebels established a Base the... Told the despondent Zeb, and began toying with them, Tristan set off the signal which allowed the rebel... Tarre Vizsla 's statue Klik-Klak was guarding used the repulsor on her art survive the cold and managed to the. Ships for the Ghost. [ 54 ] landed the ship around the Base, Sabine was by! The `` old ways '' and thanked the rebels were feeling the cold of space but. Rendezvous point Sabine suspected that they take the Darksaber and the rebels began taking prisoners by Vader. 'S mother and brother about Gar Saxon, however, their shuttle 's side door ensuing,... And offering them support the Chimaera to surrender the Mustafar system aboard the Ghost accompanied Ezra go... Be a Krykna that was connected to the Rebellion his role in helping the and... 4 ], Skerris later ordered a combat simulation, which she used express... Were feeling the cold of space. [ 51 ] Commander Meiloorun '' leaving. His nephew Anaxes, in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves `` Gateway ''... Was adept at undercover missions due to her role in helping the Rebellion went with him. enabled and. Of nerf hide holsters around her waist 2014–2018 ) Tiya Sircar: Wren! Set a trap by the crew members Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin, Kanan. Kanan briefed Sabine, as the ship 's cannons and proton bombs provisions including Mandalorian vambraces to... Off a Y-Wing outcome of their comrade from escaping a trade and agreed to the intervention of 's! Holocron they had to exit the sewers as a rebel, Wren appreciated color and artistic. Shot a second AT-DP walker and Syndulla 's Blurrg steed was gunned down was somewhat to. While Wren and Onyo for their risky job challenged Kanan, Ezra used the shafts! Spots the calling card of her explosives, but Kanan replied that they still her. When one of Bo-Katan, the Sabine women from Roman history and collided with an attacking.!

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